Day Trip: Alexandria, part 1

In General on May 20, 2011 at 12:08 pm

After a disappointing morning at the Pentagon City Mall (*gasp* that’s not a MUSEUM!), I took an impromptu ride over to Virginia, to visit Old Town Alexandria:

It wasn’t a great day, weather-wise. Humid, damp and grey – didn’t get the best vistas out over the waterfront, but it was still just lovely. Old Town Alexandria is basically a very cute neighbourhood on the opposite side of the Potomac river to DC, with lots of cool cafes, antiques shops and little boutiques. And this:

One of the finest boats I’ve ever seen! Amazing. To get the measure of Alexandria, all you need to know is that it has not one but TWO organic dogtreat bakeries. Two. Within a quarter-mile of each other.

Alexandria’s boutiques were lovely for a quick look around, but there were also a lot of historic houses about. I would have loved to have has a proper look around, but unfortunately I had wasted then first half of the day, but fear not! I have decided to go back on a clear day and visit the like of Gadsby’s Tavern, the Old Apothecary and perhaps even the Washington Masonic Monument. (I know I shouldn’t admit to this, but I’m reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown at the moment. It’s about masons! In DC!) One last thing I’d like to show you, which made me think of home:

As you can imagine, sheer delight abounded. This street was made for me – it will bring good luck and great joy to Celts, and great things will happen there, surely. What magical shops, cafes and sights will I find on Wales Alley?

Not many, apparently…

Anyhoo – more info to follow on the lovely Alexandria, including a few more historical tidbits. Apologies for being a bit slack this week – it has been a busy one, but fear not! More to come.

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